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10 Reasons Why I think David Cameron Thinks Britain is a Christian Country.



David CameronSO after being inundated with posts like these – in regards to good ole Britain still being a Christian nation, I honestly couldn’t think of one reason why Cameron would make such a claim like this. I mean, it would only take a couple of quick discussions with actual Christians (you know, like the ones who ACTUALLY believe the bible) to see that this is false. We’ve fallen a long way as a nation, and no honest to God Christian really takes Cameron’s words seriously.

So in light of such a bold face lie of a statement, here are my top 10 reasons why I think our Prime Minister thinks otherwise.

1) Our national anthem still contains “God” in it.

2) Our flag has a huge red cross across it

3) We have many tall church buildings

4) Westminster Abbey

5) We are living in the present but, thinking of the past

6) Britain is part of the western world. Western world = Christianity

7) The first English bible was from England.

8) Christmas & Easter are still bank holidays

9) Being religious = being Christian. Christianity = religiosity

10) He lives in a bubble.

Yep so those are my 10 reason, most of them are nonsensical, just like David Cameron’s claims. If you would like more serious reasons why Britain has fallen away, including the moral degradation that is eating our country up, take a read of this insightful post. –


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This Will Literally Make Your Blood Boil

Do you know what I randomly read the other day? The boiling point of liquids at different pressures! Now you might think “hmm how random”… which you would be right, but it got me thinking about the the world we live in, and the way in which God orchestrated this world with all it’s nuances to be liveable and sustainable.


Onto my shameless habit of reading random topics now; I read that the boiling point of liquids is linked to the given pressure around the said liquid. Lets say we take water for instance, water boils at 100 degrees celsius. At 100 degrees celsius, the vapour pressure of water equals the pressure in the air surrounding the liquid thus the water boils and starts turning into vapour or steam.

Now you might think alright, what’s so interesting about this, or why write a blog post about it? Well think about it…….we live in a world where the air pressure is just right for us to live in. Allow me to elaborate! If we were to say visit the planet Mars, where the air pressure is significantly lower than it is on Earth, the temperature at which liquids will boil would be much lower in relation to Earth. Thus meaning that we as humans who are filled with liquids would only survive literally minutes on Mars without appropriate space gear. With the pressure being so low, the boiling point of liquids wouldn’t have to be high as it is on Earth for it to start boiling, even room temperatures would be enough to make the liquids reach boiling point on Mars. So our bodies which have all encompassing liquids like blood would start to boil until we are cooked from the inside, or until it explodes out of us like blood pudding.


This just goes to show how Earth was specifically designed for us humans to inhabit. Qualities like what I’ve just discussed could not have come by chance. What are the chances that all minute changes in the world would all coherently work together to make living possible? This is the sign of a designer, and that designer is none other than Jesus Christ.

The bible tells us in John 1:3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made

We are also told

in Colossians 1 that “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers:all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist

Everything that exists, whether visible or invisible was made by him, and He is the one who sustains life. To think that there are millions of processes which work for us every single day to give us the sustainability of life, all sustained by the all Sustainable One.

It boggles the mind that people would really think that all this came by chance. The world is too complex for chance to have any say. It has evidence everywhere of a designer. To think otherwise would be foolish – Psalm 53:1


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