To My Disgruntled American Friends.

Barack Obama, Barack ObamaA great theologian once told me to “suck it up buttercup!” and when it comes to the whole Obama Administration, that too pretty much sums everything up.

Alright, so let’ not play; Obama has been a disaster in office up to date! His exploits vindicate that, with the latest Bergdahl Guantanamo swap affair tipping some of you guys over the edge (Wasn’t he supposed to have closed Guantanamo by now?). Not only that but side issues, such as his birth certificate fiasco, his love for social media, his youth days, his wife etc, have all made him a different type of president to his predecessors a hipster president to many. So all in all, not a particularly happy 6 years for many of you, and the last 2 could hardly come quick enough for some.

Alright, so this is all well and good, he is not fit for office, but what is the alternative to Mr Obama?, lest we forget Romney, who was Obama’s main rival for the 2012 presidency was equally awful. I still have some of my notes I took as I watched the 2012 presidential debates like a keen American observer, from across the pond, and from it, I thought that Romney would have been an equally bad choice for the presidency.

political-symbols-democrat-republican-oI don’t remember ever being totally convinced by the Romney/Ryan combo. In fact the only thing I distinctly remember about Paul Ryan was Joe Biden’s freakishly white teeth, mocking him as he attempted to answer his questions during the vice-presidential debates.

Romney on the other hand…….lacked specifics to say the least. He owned a successful business, but aside from that, he never really seemed like he had a plan of how he would get America out of the economic slump it was facing after the worldwide economic downturn, or how to negotiate foreign policy.

1) He didn’t seem know how he was going to balance the US budget, or decrease its astronomical figure. I remember him stumbling on this grilling.

2) Couldn’t really say how he would stop Iran getting nuclear weapons, if they wanted to get them, although he claimed if Obama was elected, Iran would definitely get their hands on them.

3) He did not know what he would cut from spendings, or how he would increase gross revenue.

4) He promised everyone a tax break, not just for the rich, but couldn’t really explain how he would do it, or how it would not only help rich people.

5) Plus he pretty much supported  the same abhorrent moral measures Obama endorsed. I couldn’t even pin him down on his stance on abortion, as it kept changing depending if you were reading the Huffington post, or various political websites.

So we have two awful candidates for the presidency; a choice between the lesser of two evils, with the public ultimately favouring Obama over Romney. Obama clearly won the popular vote, along with the youth vote, ethnic minority vote, and women votes. Romney had the Republican, conservative tea party vote & elderly vote, but it was not enough in the end.



The grass is not always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it. Obama is terrible in office up to date, but Romney would have been the same. Yes maybe he would have handled certain issues better than Obama, but he would have had his own problems, people would be complaining about right now. The truth is, I doubt there will ever be a president in office who will echo the Christian sentiments of presidents gone by. America will continue having the same presidential candidates, because really there is little difference now between the Republican and Democratic parties. The illusion of choice is obvious, but it’s still a choice to many who fail see through the smoke and mirrors of politics.

The only ruler who will ever be worth his weight in gold is the Saviour himself who will rule and reign on this entire world, not just one continent for 1,000 years. Funnily enough, even with a perfect ruler such as Christ, there will still be people who hate his reign and will group together with Satan to attack him. The only hope then is that you are on his side, when that happens, because the alternative is fire from heaven!


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